The Weyburn RCMP Detachment was built in 1963 and has a floor area of 349 square meters, according to the Directory of Federal Real Property.

With the aging building, and more space a consideration for modern policing requirements, it may have some wondering if plans for a new Weyburn RCMP Detachment are in the works.

The Saskatchewan RCMP provided the following statement to Discover Weyburn:

We are currently planning for the construction of a new detachment building for the Weyburn RCMP.

That planning is underway and will be followed by a tender process, then actual construction. As we are in the planning phase, we are unable to yet provide specifics about the building, or a precise timeline for its construction or occupancy. 

Generally speaking, the procurement and construction process for such a project takes two to three years to complete, barring unexpected circumstances.