Paramedics in the Weyburn area have have formed a local chapter of Paramedics with Heart, an affiliation of the Regina chapter.

Stephanie Schmidt, Paramedic with Weyburn EMS, said they had wanted to form something like this here for some time. 

"We're a local organization run just by paramedics," she explained. "Our mission is kind of to enhance the paramedics quality of life through professional and community collaboration."

"Our goal is to promote wellness education and reaching out to different community service groups and charitable groups throughout the city of Weyburn and surrounding areas." 

As an example, the Regina chapter has a scholarship available for someone going into the paramedic field. 

"So that's a goal of ours down the line, and then just giving back to different local charities," said Schmidt. "Also, it's not necessarily about fund raising all the time. We'll help out at events and try to fit in where we are needed."

She shared how you can begin supporting their organization.

"We're just starting our first fundraiser and we kind of put an ambulance calendar together. It's kind of got some information in different months like February, heart and stroke and April is organ donor month, so we have little educational blurbs on each month and we are selling them for $20 at Pharmasave, or through any of our local EMS staff."

Events like "Pack the Ambulance" will be part of the organizational efforts down the line, which Schmidt has spear-headed for years.