An outdoor art installation is coming to Jubilee Park for the summer, called the Get Out Gallery. It will feature the works of three local artists, Rickee-Lee, Bradley Istace, and Max Himsl, and will be on display in metal plinths, covered in plexi-glass.

"It will be installed for June, July, August, and September, shared Regan Lanning, Curator with the Weyburn Art Gallery and City Rep for the Weyburn Arts Council. 

She said the metal display plinths were able to be purchased by the Gallery through a grant from Southeast District, and the funding for the large plexiglass covers were able to be purchased through community support. 
"We received funding from the Weyburn Oilwomen, the YF Wives, Prairie Sky Co-op, and the Art Farm Fellowship." 

"All of the works are kind of along the walking path in Jubilee Park, but they're a little off the walking path, like they're nestled in a grouping of trees, so they're going to be super neat." 

Lanning said she is counting on the citizens of Weyburn to be respectful of these works, which will be on display as of next week. 

"The boxes themselves are going to be weighted and attached via pegs to the ground so they're not easily toppled, and then the covers will be attached," she noted. 

"Usually Weyburn is pretty respectful of public art, right? So I'm hoping this will be much the same. It's a busy park and I mean the murals have been out for several years and there's been no issues with them. So I'm really hoping this will be similar."