Solar-powered radar speed display signs will be part of some new safety measures.

The City of Weyburn has implemented new safety measures in another Weyburn school zone thanks to a grant from the Government of Saskatchewan.

In late August, the City installed two radar speed signs along  5th Avenue north, in the Assiniboia Park Elementary School zone, which will improve public safety on a significant traffic route.

The solar powered digital radar speed feedback signs cost $8,619.82 and were funded through the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant Program.

"The new radar signs in the Assiniboia Park school zone will improve driver awareness in an area which has a high enforcement rating," said Jamie Blunden, chief of Weyburn Police Service.

The WPS conducted speed data analysis on 5th Avenue north, on the west side of the school zone, between Brimacombe Drive and 13th Street north, from February 18the to 23rd, 2022. Over the study period, there was a total of 789 enforceable speed violations. In addition, a high number of near-misses have been reported in the area by students, parents and school staff.

Speed management and aggressive driving were the top priorities for the City of Weyburn when applying for the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) grant in January 2022.

"It was necessary to address issues of excessive speed in the area and important we protect vulnerable pedestrians," said Jennifer Wilkinson, Director of Engineering for the City of Weyburn.

The school yard is a popular space for children in the community during and after school hours, as well as throughout the summer. The paved walking path adjacent to 5th Avenue north has a steady volume of pedestrians and cyclists throughout the year.

Radar speed signs have been shown to slow drivers an average of 10 percent. Radar speed signs also have an immediate and long-lasting impact on driver behavior and can reduce the speeds of oncoming drivers 80 per cent of the time.

The City thanks the Government of Saskatchewan for its traffic safety initiatives and grant programs.

"The City is always looking for funding opportunities to help keep project costs down for our taxpayers and we are grateful the provincial government recognized our community's needs," Wilkinson said.