The Weyburn branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association is teaming up with the Weyburn Police Service for a unique initiative to raise awareness about mental health in the community. 

The new initiative, set to take place during Mental Health Awareness Week, the first week in May, is aimed at connecting the community together, and getting access to mental health resources into the hands of everyone in the city, be it a resident, businesses or travellers just passing through. 

Tasha Collins, the program manager at the CMHA, said the idea was brought to her by Constable Melinda Mintenko with the Weyburn Police Service. 

“Constable Melinda Mintenko came to CMHA, and chatted with me about this awesome idea she had about bringing resources to our community as well as bringing awareness to mental health,” Collins stated.  

“I've been policing 22 years and I got thinking about on pretty much a daily basis How I go to calls and a lot of people don't have our resources, and they don’t know who to call,” Mintenko added. 

From there, Mintenko came up with the idea of door hangers. These hangars, which will be distributed to homes in Weyburn and in the R.M. of Weyburn, along with local businesses, have the list of resources available in the community. 

The goal is to have as many homes as possible put the hangars out on their doors during Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from May 2nd to 8th.  

You can listen to the complete interview with Mintenko and Collins below: