The Radville Marian Health Centre has identified a need within their facility.  

Erin Barbarin, Registered Nurse and Facility Manager of the Radville Marian Health Centre said that their facility requires new electric beds.  

“We had a bed that had kind of conked out on us. And we had to have an evaluation of those beds and it turned out we were in a bigger need than I was aware of. It turned out that 16 of our electric beds and pretty much all of our mattresses are past due.”  

Barbarin said that they have connected with wonderful charitable groups in their community and surrounding areas, and they’ve been very fortunate and have had enough funding come in to cover 30 mattresses and six electric beds so far. 

“We have received a very generous donation from the Radville Lil’ 2nd Hand Shop of $10,000, and just recently we received a large donation from the Long Creek Rodeo Association of over $30,000.” 

Barbarin shared that they have such amazing community groups who want to help out the facility because this is where their loved ones are. “I think we all see that there is this need and everyone's pitching in to help out.”  

They have 25 electric beds that are used every day at their long-term care facility, Barbarin explained. 

“We also have five beds that are used for multipurpose admissions. So these beds are filled lots, they're used every day. I want to make sure that residents and the patients are getting great use and the best care from this equipment, and that's where the community is helping me make sure those needs are met.” 

Barbarin added that having community donations like this really offsets the cost for the facility and they are just so grateful for all of the generosity.  

Those looking for more information or to arrange donations can contact Barbarin at the Radville Marian Health Centre at 306-869-3300.