Yesterday was Miracle Treat Day, when Dairy Queen donates the proceeds back to Saskatchewan’s Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the Assistant Manager of Dairy Queen, Krissel Canete about the money raised and how the day went.

"This is our donation to our local children's hospital, the food cost of the Blizzard would be less than the amount and then all of the net profit goes into the children's hospital."

She said they definitely had a busy day raising funds for the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital.

"It's quite busy as we do have preorders already that came in last night we have a few businesses that send their preorders in, we usually send order forms for Miracle Treat Day so businesses can order their Blizzard then we can prepare it early and then can come to pick it up."

Between preorders and walk-in customers plus the drive threw they ended up raising an unofficial total as there are still some steps to be taken 

"Roughly $5,600," was the tentative total given by Canete on Friday.

Again this is an unofficial total, but still how amazing is it that we Weyburnites were able to spend that much on ice cream and support a fantastic foundation.