If you thought that May was warmer than we have seen over the past 20 years or so, you wouldn’t be wrong. Data from Environment Canada for Weyburn shows that May 2023 was the second warmest since 2003.  

The average daytime high through the month was 22.4°, which was the second highest. The average overnight low was 7.1°, which was the warmest overnight low seen in Weyburn over the past 20 years. The average temperature overall was 14.8°, which was the second highest since 2003. 

Compared to the average over the past 20 years, the daytime high, overnight low and mean temperatures were all well above average last month. The 20-year average for daytime high is 18.3°, the 20-year average for overnight low is 3.4° and the average mean temperature is 10.9°. 

Where things were below average was the amount of precipitation we saw in Weyburn in May. Over the past 20 years, Weyburn has seen around 59.9 millimetres fall. However, this past month we saw just 37.2 millimetres. This was the 8th driest March seen in the area since 2003.  

As for the high temperatures, the hottest day we saw in May was 28.8° on the last day of the month. The coolest night was -2.6° on May 11th. Despite the fact it was one of the hottest Mays in the past 20 years, no records were set for daytime highs, overnight lows or precipitation.