The staff at the central office of the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division held their annual faith retreat Monday. They would spend the day, after a mass at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, would take part in a community service activity.  

All of the staff – clergy, education, business, maintenance and facilities, information technology and student services took part in the project, which was putting together planters with a Canadian theme for newcomers to the area. 

Gwen Keith, Director of Education with HFRCSSD, said the planters were full of petunias and greenery “with the idea that the newcomers that we have coming to Weyburn would appreciate, we thought, some plant pots that are ready for Canada Day.” 

“The focus was to provide some community service in the spirit of hospitality and relationships, and really an understanding of how we do our Canada Day with some generosity and relationship building,” Keith continued.  

The planters were provided to Southeast Newcomer Services for distribution to families that wanted the planters for their decks. 

The staff at HFRCSSD central office at mass with Father AmobiThe staff at HFRCSSD central office at mass with Father Amobi
The planters made by the staff of HFRCSSDThe planters made by the staff of HFRCSSD