Garage sale season is exciting and fun, you never really know what gems or treasures you will find. They are also very handy for getting rid of some items you no longer have use for. We had the opportunity to speak with Kylie Beck who is the Office Supervisor at Nickle Lake, as they are hosting their very own park-wide garage sale.

"This is a new event that we have decided to put on out here, so it will be on Saturday, August 27th starting at 10:00 am and ending at 3:00 pm."

There's nothing like a whole bunch of little garage sales at the lake! But how will you find them all?

"We are hoping to have about 15 or more sites registered and we will be releasing a map of which sites are participating probably Saturday morning or later on Friday."

There is one rule to follow though. You have to be a registered camper in order to sell things. Otherwise, everyone is welcome to come to shop around through the campsites. As of right now, there are around ten sites registered and they are hoping to almost double that by Saturday.

Of course, to get into the park without a seasonal pass will be $10 for the day or if you want to go all out it's $50 for the season.