Last night Weyburn and the surrounding area had a decent-sized storm roll through, which did some damage. It even left some Halbrite residents wondering if a tornado went through, due to the amount of damage to buildings. 

"We have a report of 55.1 millimetres in the past 24 hours in Weyburn," said Sara Hoffman, a Meteorologist with the Environment and Climate Change Canada.

She said it is still undetermined if there was a tornado in Halbrite, as there was a large area affected by storms last night. 

"Some significant wind gusts and severe rainfall amounts and hail in the area, our group hasn't had a report of a tornado yet but we are going through reports," said Hoffman. "There was a significant part of the prairies affected all the way from Medicine Hat to Manitoba. So I can't say for certain what happened yet as we are still weeding through reports."

Weyburn itself has seen some rain a lot of lightning and pretty loud thunder since last night. We received some photos from our valued listeners and thought we would share them with a gallery. We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, including Dallas Burnett, Dwayne Carlson, Kara Anderson, Barclay Charlton, Falon Brydon, Derrick Baer, and Dan Duthie.