A light agenda for Weyburn City Council last night meant for a short meeting. Regular reports were heard by the Public Works, Building Department, and the Water treatment plant, which stated that the total treated water distributed for December 2022 was 96.3 million liters.

In addition to thanking Weyburn Big-Muddy MLA Dustin Duncan for all his work toward the presentation ceremony held last week for the recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals, Council discussed the ongoing snow removal work being done by city crews.

"Crews been out working diligently and with lots of effort to clear all the snow," said Mayor Marcel Roy. "We've gone through the major thoroughfares and the feeders, and now we're into residential and this should be all completed this week so the crews have been working very hard and very excellent to get all the snow removed."

He said it's been a struggle to keep things clear when it keeps coming down. 

"If it's snowing then they'll be pushed back to start again, so that's where and we really want to thank the residents, too, for their patience because there were a lot of deep ruts, and the city crews finally got to where they had to be. And now we're just about complete."

City Engineering Director Jennifer Wilkinson said residentials have to follow the primary, secondary, and collector streets, and they were able to move into the residential areas.

"Basically we go into by refuse collection pickup area. So we're currently working through Area 2 to finish up, which we should finish up early this week, and then we actually started Area 3 as well and our hope is that we can finish that by the end of the week and that will complete the residential cleaning program."

Wilkinson said they try to get to our residential streets about once, maybe twice a year.

"And in doing that they've actually been going down to the bare pavement and removing all the snow, which is something that is a little different than other cities," she noted. "So we are actually making sure we can try and get all the snow out of there, in preparation for any more snowfall that may come our way."

"Our public Works department has been working extremely hard to get through these residential areas, as well as we can't just say it's our department. We know that we've been getting. Help from the Parks Department. And then, as well as we've brought in a lot of local contractors. So you might have seen them out with their graders and their truck system. So I think it's been a really big team effort across the city, but a huge kudos to our operators, because they've been doing a fantastic job."

The next meeting of the Weyburn City Council will be held on February 13th.