Late last month, the Weyburn Communithon Committee held their annual general meeting at the Weyburn Legion. At the meeting, a new executive was elected, and the roadmap was put in place for the coming year.  

“I’ve been working with Communithon since 2009,” said newly elected chair Lynda Rideout. “I’ve been in the vice-chair position for the past two years, so I’ve moved into the chair position myself with Korryn Kubashek moving into the past chair position.”  

Rideout noted that taking over from Kubashek in the chair position meant she has some very big shoes to fill going forward.  

The other members of the executive are vice-chair Lindsay Manko-Bauche, treasurer Tasha Collins and secretary Lori Wolstenholme. 

Rideout explained that this year, there were a number of highlights for the committee to look back at after a successful event in October that raised $86,412, which exceeded their goal of $82,000.  

“We were delighted with the number of volunteers that came out and support the day, and the people that came out and attended in person,” Rideout said. “That was really nice to get back to that and have that real feel of so much community support in the event.” 

Planning is already underway for the next Communithon, which is scheduled to be held on October 27th.  

“We have done a little bit of change to the committees, the subcommittees that we have this year, so we are always looking for volunteers,” Rideout offered, noting that will be looking at some decisions to be made at their next meeting, which is scheduled for June 20th at the Weyburn Legion.  

“We’d love more people to come out and join us at our meetings that might be interested in volunteering or just learning a little bit more about Communithon and how they could have a role in that,” she added. 

Those who are interested in volunteering but may not be able to make it to the meeting on the 20th can also reach out to the Communithon Committee via email. They can be reached at