A compliance check on a 28-year-old man resulting in a bust by the Weyburn Police Service on Friday evening.

The check was the result of a malfunctioning electronic monitoring bracelet, as the man was supposed to be home 24-hours a day.

Our members knew that the individual that we were keeping an eye on, he's well known to us in our community, as we know that he's responsible for a lot of thefts and everything within our community itself, so the members are diligent and they keep an eye on him," explained Police Chief Jamie Blunden. 

"The electronic monitoring bracelet that he had on him that wasn't functioning properly, so what happens is the agency that's looking after those electronic monitoring bracelets notifies us, and as a result our members went to check on him to make sure that he was abiding by his curfew and when they got there around 11:30 that night, he wasn't available." 

He said the man's cohabitant tried to cover for him.

"Our members, being diligent as they were, knew that he was probably out and about, so they kept an eye on the back as well as the front and it continued to investigate and approximately 20 minutes later, the individual showed up. He was subsequently arrested for breaching his conditions of a 24 hour curfew."

Blunden said as part of that condition, police were able to search his residence, wherein they found cocaine. He was also charged accordingly.

"This individual is well known to us for creating a lot of the havoc within our community, with respect to theft and a few other misdemeanor or minor offenses, but it's one of those nuisance ones that everybody gets affected by it," he added. "So we wanted to make sure that he was off the streets and in this case he was on the streets, and we made it our point to make sure that he was off the streets."