Canadian Western Agribition is preparing for a new year of events and is connecting with organizations around the globe to help further their reach.

They signed a pair of Memorandum of Understandings with Congreso de las Estrellas and Beef Australia, two international beef organizations, to better connect with international beef producers.

CWA CEO Shaun Kindopp talks about some of the work they've been doing connecting with others to learn more about the international community.

"The last 60 days have been busy for us at Agribition. We were down in Guadalajara, Mexico and we were just down in Rockhampton, Australia, both trips were fantastic. The MOUs are both fairly similar but Beef Australia was a little bit more well-established. They happen every three years and they began in 1988. Congreso de las Estrellas, they're a bit of a newer show, so I think they just finished their third year."

"A lot of the focus for us was how can we help them grow their show and implement some best practices and some of that with a large focus being put on international recruitment, you know, incoming buyers, you know, genetic promotion and whatnot. We're trying to get more Mexican delegations to come up to Agribition. We have great support from them, from the Mexican government to the Mexican cattle ranchers and whatnot to come up."

"With Beef Australia, it's the same thing, a lot of it is focused on how we can collaborate on best practices. Last year Agribition saw a little over 50 delegates come from Australia, which, We're proud of. It's not a short flight but you know we've got fantastic animals and genetics on display here at Agribition and we pride ourselves on being a place where people can come and do business."

Kindopp says that so far their main show in November has the initial stages going well.

"We've added some new pieces over the last couple of years and a big focus this yearis going to be let's just get even better at the things that we've added. I don't want to do it at 50 per cent. I want to be able to do it at 100 per cent and do it very well and do it to our standards. So we're going to continue to evolve."

"We've added some different things this year, our golf tournaments back for a second year. We've got a junior show that's going to be happening on June 1st on the grounds and just trying to do more year-round presence to continue to grow the Agribition name. We're in the middle of finalizing all of our things for a Community Foundation. So you know there's big things on the horizon for Canadian Western Agribition and I'm very proud of the direction that we're heading."