With wind chill making the temperature outside feel like minus 37, it truly feel like winter is here to stay, thanks to this Arctic air.

Meteorologist Terri Lang with Environment Canada said this brings some risks of danger, including a risk of frostbite in the forecast for today, tonight, and tomorrow.

"Those wind chills will be quite high, so time to remember to dress in those layers, make sure your extremities are covered, and faces are covered, because frostbite can occur quite quickly when the wind chills are as high as they're going to be," she advised.

In addition to ensuring your car will start properly by plugging in your block heater, drivers should plan accordingly for any upcoming trips by having a roadside assistance kit, including blankets and a fully charged cell phone.

"Check in the highway hotline before heading out," Lang reminded. "And make sure that you're prepared for winter driving conditions, like every day in Saskatchewan in the winter. Make sure your car is prepared and make sure that you are prepared for those conditions as well." 

Find the full five-day forecast HERE.