With the warmer temperatures has come an increase in certain property crimes in the region, with the Weyburn Police Service seeing an increase in break-ins.  

“There has been a lot of break-and-enters to various storage units within and around the city limits, so I would just like to give everybody a friendly reminder to ensure that if you don’t have a lock on your storage unit to put a lock on your storage unit,” Constable Alyssa Kaczmar with the WPS advised.  

Even if there is a lock on the unit or shed, Kaczmar recommended going to the unit periodically to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with, or the lock removed.  

“The police are definitely doing our best to monitor these areas throughout the day and night, but I would definitely recommend checking on the units,” she added. 

If you do notice suspicious activity or people who are lingering around the units that are unfamiliar, she said you can contact the Weyburn Police Service and they can look into the situation and determine if the person is supposed to be there or not.