To lend support to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, Grygorii Rozdorozhniuk has teamed up with four Ukrainian newcomer families. Together they have been preparing for weeks to create a traditional Ukrainian meal complete with homemade perogies, cabbage rolls, Ukrainian sausage, borscht, and more. The fundraiser kicks off this Sunday, May 22 at the Wheatland Senior Centre and will run from 11 am to 7 pm. 

“About four or five families that came from Ukraine to Weyburn decided to do this fundraising event,” explained Grygorii. 

Ladies preparing to make authentic Ukrainian cabbage rollsLadies preparing to make authentic Ukrainian cabbage rolls

Grygorii continued by explaining that the funds will be donated to one of the most recognized and trusted organizations in Ukraine called, ‘Come Back Alive’.  

Skip cooking dinner on Sunday and join Grygorii and the team for an authentic Ukrainian meal at the Wheatland Senior Centre for $20, take out is also available. Additional donations for Ukraine will also be accepted. 

Grygorii and the team would also like to say how grateful they are to the Griffin Recreational Centre and the Wheatland Senior Centre for allowing them to use their space for free.