A driver parked on a road, two kilometres west of Highway 39, raised suspicions on Sunday morning for a member of the Weyburn Police Combined Traffic Services. 

"She observed a vehicle that had a fogged-up front windshield, and an individual sitting in the driver side on a farm road, and two of the tires on that vehicle were flat, so suspicion was raised," shared Police chief Jamie Blunden. "She came in behind and did a traffic stop on this vehicle that wasn't moving. She found him to be asleep, but when he awoke, it was very clear that he was under the influence of alcohol." 

Blunden said he was administered an alcohol screening device on the scene, which he failed. He was arrested and brought back to the WPS headquarters, where he blew for another ASD, showing him to be "well over double the amount" once again.

The 56-year-old man was charged with Impaired Operation of a Conveyance and Having Blood Alcohol Content of 80mg or greater.

"So anytime you're in control of a vehicle, whether you're driving or not, if you have the opportunity to drive that, you could be charged with the impaired operation of a conveyance," he noted.

"If you have access to be able to get that vehicle to start, such as having keys on your person or within your grasp, then you could be charged." 

He said impaired operation of a conveyance is different than impaired driving because it's not really impaired driving, but you're in control of a vehicle and could change your mind about driving it. 

Blunden added it was not determined why two of the vehicle's tires were flat.