The past week in Weyburn has seen temperatures a little cooler than normal and with not a lot of sunshine. A trough of low pressure has settled into the area, but it could soon be on the moving, making way for weather more commonly associated with late May.  

Natalie Hasell is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. She explained a ridge of high pressure in the southern states is about to make its way north of the border. 

“We will see a shift in the conditions at the surface leading to forecasts of temperatures in the mid-20s, and pretty sunny skies and clear nights,” Hasell said. “So, a definite shift not only closer to normal but above normal as well.” 

The system that has brought the cooler weather, though, is expected to linger around for much of the weekend, bringing with it a chance of precipitation. And, while many people would think the temperatures aren’t warm enough to bring about thunderstorms, there is a chance we could see some of those in the southeast as well.  

Hasell noted that when the atmosphere is already unsettled, all it takes is a trough line at the surface where there is convergence, and then some vertical motion.  

“We don’t need heat,” the meteorologist said. “Heat helps. Certainly, we’re likely to have more powerful thunderstorms in warmer conditions, but you don’t need heat for thunderstorms to form, and that might happen today.” 

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