The Humane Society here in town has a tasty fundraiser on the go or what could be a tasty win for one lucky person or family. We had the opportunity to speak with Karie Ruckaber, she is the fundraising chair of the Weyburn Humane Society.

"Previous board member had run this fundraiser last year and we had some great feedback from our prize winners hoping that we would run it again this year so that's what we are doing."

They are raffling off a side of beef from a real great ranch.

"The meat is not donated but we were given some really great pricing from 2T Ranch Inc from Weyburn and area and Western Prime Meats is doing our cutting and wrapping, they also gave us a great deal"

This year though there will only be one prize instead of four and there are 600 tickets up for grabs. But where exactly do you purchase your tickets?

"I've got them for sale at my work LyNa Day Spa you can also text me at (306) 861-2991, we also have a few volunteers from the shelter that are picking up books of tickets to sell. We are hoping to have a couple of weekdays or weekends where we are able to station somewhere downtown to sell tickets as well."

A ticket is only $10 dollars and it goes right back to the shelter once they cover the costs of the meat plus the cut and wrap and tickets. Tickets will be on sale until September 4th and on September 5th the draw will be made. 

"According to our lotto license I had to pick a location so I am going to be doing it down at my place of business and hopefully doing Facebook live."