On Wednesday night Crocus 80 Theatre and the Tommy Douglas Performing Arts Centre held their annual general meeting, the night saw changes in leadership as well as some modifications to the current platform. 

With the exception of financial matters, the two boards had consolidated, appointing Brittany Nightingale as the President of both entities. Nightingale conveyed that she encountered a number of challenges while representing both boards. She emphasized the importance of collaboration between the organizations but suggested that each entity should have its own president to better safeguard the interests of both groups. 

The new board members are as follows: 

Ron Wormsbecker is now the acting President and Treasurer for the Tommy Douglas Performing Arts Centre, with Jackson Sorowski as Vice-President for both organizations. 

Bernadette Mullen is the new President of Crocus 80 Theatre, with Pete Broccolo continuing as Treasurer and Brittany Nightingale as Secretary. Members at Large for both organizations include Marnie Bernard, Charlotte Jones, Austin Shauf, and Regan Lanning. 

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