Opportunity Road Race "A Huge Success"



Participants took off at the beginning of Weyburn's Opportunity Road Race on August 21. The event acted as a fundraiser for the Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation and the Comp SRC.


Weyburn's inaugural Opportunity Road Race is being touted a "huge success" by organizers. The run/walk was held on Sunday with 105 entrants.

"It was a huge success with people from Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Oxbow, and Weyburn and area," said organizer Sarah Church. "The weather was beautiful, the routes for all three distances - 5 km, 10 km, and 15 km - were fantastic and none of it could have been so successful and smooth without the help of all of the volunteers."

The top two finishes for each event were earned by: 5-kilometre: Dave Wakefield, 20:25 and Charmaine Lindsay, 24:11; 10-kilometre: Gerry Nagy, 36:45 and Diana Nagy, 45:56; and 15-kilometre: Lance Wakefiield, 55:31 and Megan Zmetana, 1:07:42.

All entrants received a race package full of goodies, a 2011 race t-shirt, and a finishing medal when they crossed the finish line.

Pledge sheets were an option for all racers and four participants collected $310 in pledges, which will go towards the Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation. Weyburn Comprehensive School SRC members helped host the post-race breakfast. Both organizations will benefit from the fundraising event.

"It was a lot of work and our committee is exhausted but it was well worth it!" said Church.

Committee members include Church, Lindsee Michel, Melissa Frank, Twila Walkeden, Monique Huebner, Miranda Spencer, Andy Broccolo, and Martin Hirssons.

"Next year will be bigger and better!" exclaimed Church.