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Daily Drilling Licenses Issued

NOVEMBER 21 Click here for a complete list of licenses issue

Drilling Activity Report

November 21, 2014
Active Down Total % Active
Western Canada
AB 315 249 564 56%
SK 88 60 148 59%
BC 51 15 66 77%
MB 16 10 26 62%
WC Total 470 334 804 58%

WTI Crude Oil

Keystone Is 'Kind of Old News' for Oil Industry

As the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada races toward a showdown in the U.S. Congress, many in the oil industry say it’s already been bypassed by history. Six years after the project was proposed, nearly every aspect of the debate has changed. The economy’s on the mend, the price of crude oil has tumbled and the U.S. goal of achieving energy independence has never been closer, spurred by the success of fracking and a rising volume of Canadian crude entering the country in other ways.

CBC.ca Keystone Left Behind as Canadian Oil Pours Into U.S.

Delays of the Keystone XL pipeline are providing little obstacle to Western Canadian oil producers getting their crude to the U.S. Gulf Coast, with shipments set to more than double next year.